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Used in closed loop control system applications, electrohydraulic servo valves have the highest dynamic response for intelligent hydraulics systems. With the appropriate system feedback and controller design, Rexroth hydraulic servo valves are unsurpassed in controlling pressure, flow, or position. Servo valves are appropriate for systems with one or more of the following characteristics: high load stiffness (static or dynamic); high accuracy and stability; precise positioning; fine control of velocity and acceleration control.

Product Name / Description PDF Download Link
REXROTH 4WRLE Servo Solenoid Valve RE29089 rexroth-4wrle-servo-re29089.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPE Servo Solenoid Valve RE29025 rexroth-4wrpe-servo-re29025.pdf
REXROTH 4WRL Servo Solenoid Directional RE29084 rexroth-4wrl-servo-re29084.pdf
REXROTH 4WRL,E/W Servo Solenoid Directional RE29087 rexroth-4wrl-e-w-servo-dir-re29087.pdf
REXROTH 4WRL,V/V1 Servo Solenoid Directional RE29086 rexroth-4wrl-v-v1-servo-dir-re29086.pdf
REXROTH 4WRLE, V/V1 Servo Solenoid RE29088 rexroth-4wrle-v-v1-servo-dir-re29088.pdf
REXROTH 4WRP,E/W Servo Solenoid Valve RE29022 rexroth-4wrp-servo-re29022.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPEH-10 Directional RE29037 rexroth-4wrpeh-servo-dir-re29037.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPH-6 1x Servo Solenoid Valve RE29030 rexroth-4wrph-6-1x-servo-re29030.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPH-6 2x Servo Solenoid Valve RE29028 rexroth-4wrph-6-2x-servo-re29028.pdf
REXROTH 5WRP-10 Servo Solenoid Valve RE29043 rexroth-5wrp-10-servo-re29043.pdf
REXROTH 5WRPE-10 Servo Solenoid Valve 2x RA29045 rexroth-5wrpe-10-servo-re29045.pdf
REXROTH 4WRP/EA Servo Solenoid Valve RE29020 rexroth-4wrp-ea-servo-re29020.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPE/EA Servo Solenoid Valve 2x RA29024 rexroth-4wrpe-ea-servo-re29024.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPEH-6 Servo Solenoid Directional RE29035 rexroth-4wrpeh-6-servo-dir-re29035.pdf
REXROTH 4WRPH-10 Servo Solenoid Valve RE29032 rexroth-4wrph-10-servo-re29032.pdf