REXROTH Proportional Pressure Relief Valve, Pilot Operated - (Z)DBE, (Z)DBEE RE29158

Brand: REXROTH | Part Number: (Z)DBE, (Z)DBEE RE29158

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Proportional pressure relief valves of types DBE and ZDBE are operated by means of a proportional solenoid. These valves are used to limit a system pressure. With these valves it is possible to infinitely adjust the system pressure to be limited in relation to the electrical command value.

These valves basically consist of a proportional solenoid (1), housing (2), valve insert (3), spool (4) and pilot poppet (8).

The proportional solenoid proportionally converts the electrical current into a mechanical force. An increase in the current intensity causes a corresponding rise in the magnetic force.

The solenoid armature chamber is filled with hydraulic fl uid and is pressure-balanced. 

Size 6
Component series 1X
Maximum operating pressure 315 bar
Maximum flow 30 L/min

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