REXROTH Reducing Valve, 3-Way Version - 3DREP, 3DREPE RE29184

Brand: REXROTH | Part Number: 3DREP, 3DREPE RE29184

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Proportional pressure reducing valve, in 3-way version

The 3-way pressure reducing valve type 3 DREP 6.. is direct operated by proportional solenoids. It is used to convert an electric input signal into a proportional pressure output signal. The proportional solenoids are controllable wet-pin DC solenoids with central thread and detachable coil. The solenoids are optionally actuated by external control electronics (type 3DREP) or by the internal control electronics (type 3DREPE).

The valve basically consists of:
– Housing (1) with connection surface
– Control spool (2) with pressure measuring spool (3, 4)
– Solenoids (5, 6) with central thread
– Optionally integrated control electronics (7)

Size 6
Component series 2X
Maximum operating pressure 100 bar
Maximum flow 15 l/min

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