Radial Micro Filtration System

The Radial Micro Filtration units are characterised by their extremely efficient filter elements with a fineness of 0.5 micron. 

Specially designed for industrial hydraulic installations, the RMF Off-line filters are available in single or multiple housing configurations which can easily be mounted to new and existing systems.

By means of an integrated pump-motor unit, the oils is pumped from the reservoir through the filter unit and the filtered oil is then returned to tank.

80% of mechanical failures are caused by contamination in the system. RMF filters attack this contamination at source which means less defects, less maintenance and less wear and tear of the hydraulic components.

Where systems use proportional and servo valves, RMF can increase the life of your valves and save money.

New units and replacement elements stocked at Kanflu.

OLU and OLUW units image

RMF Off-line units

Brand: RMF Systems | Part Number: OLU and OLUW units

Managing your oil contamination. RMF Systems radial micro filter units are characterized by their extremely efficient filter elements with...
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