High Response Control Valves

Kanflu offer High-response hydraulic valves offering the greatest performance in proportional directional valve technology. Primarily used in closed loop systems to control position, velocity, pressure, or force – high-response proportional valves are a powerful tool for advancing intelligent hydraulics in your systems.

Rexroth has engineered these directional control hydraulics valves to approach a servo value performance on a cost-effective basis, for the same flow range.

4WRSE RE29067 image

REXROTH 4/3 Directional High-Response Control

Brand: REXROTH | Part Number: 4WRSE RE29067

4/3 directional high-response control valves, direct operated, with integrated control electronics (OBE) These 4/3 directional high-response valves are direct operated...
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4WRTE RE29083 image

REXROTH 4/3-Way High-Response Directional Control Valve

Brand: REXROTH | Part Number: 4WRTE RE29083

4/3-way high response valve pilot operated with electrical position feedback and integrated electronics (OBE) The 4/3-way high response valve...
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