REXROTH Pressure Relief, 1/16 Direct Operated - DBD RE25402 (size 6-30)

Brand: REXROTH | Part Number: DBD RE25402 (size 6-30)

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Pressure relief valves of type DBD are direct operated seat valves. They serve to limit a system pressure.

These valves basically consist of sleeve (1), spring (2), poppet with damping piston (3) (pressure rating 25 to 400 bar) or ball (4) (pressure rating 630 bar) and adjustment element (5). The system pressure setting can be infinitely varied by means of adjustment element (5). Spring (2) presses poppet (3) or ball (4) onto its seat. Channel P is connected to the system. The pressure prevailing in the system acts on the poppet area (or ball).

Sizes 6 to 30
Component series 1X
Maximum operating pressure 630 bar [9150 psi]
Maximum flow 330 l/min [87 US gpm]

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